In March 2024, our photographer Barbara was invited to share her insights and expertise as a maternity specialist photographer on the episode #3 of "Ibiza Talks". She joined Ibiza Bolonini, a Birth & Postpartum Doula based in Dubai, for a conversation as part of a series of videos where Ibiza interviews professionals in the maternity and birth-related field.

They talked about Barbara work's passion, how she guide her photoshoots and the best timing for maternity photos. They also explored the nuances of choosing between studio or at home shooting, striking the perfect pose, selecting the ideal clothes and many more!

Ibiza Bolonini -Hypnobirth & Doula

Here is a little taste of the interview:

Ibiza: What is it like to photograph pregnant women? As a doula, I often hear questions about what to wear, whether it needs to be those flowing dresses, and also concerns from pregnant women about not knowing how to pose for a photo.

Barbara: I always guide the person! I know the poses that will work well, that will shape the body nicely. Each photo is different, I analyze the client's preferences and adapt the movements, poses and lighting. Regarding clothing, it's a matter of taste, style and personal preference. I can give advices and clothing ideas, I also can help with choices if they're unsure. My style is more minimalist. I prefer clothes that make the person feel like themselves (...) so years later, that person can look at the photo and still feel like themselves.

Ibiza: How can a pregnant woman convince her husband to take photos together?

Barbara: I understand that many men don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, but most of them are willing to participate because they know it's a special moment (...) I do my best to make them feel comfortable too! Plus, during a maternity session I'll be taking photos of the pregnant woman alone. So the husband will always have a break! (...) In the end, I see that majority guys are happy and enjoyed it too. There have also been few cases where the husband didn't want to participate and the pregnant woman went ahead and did it alone. Which I think is wonderful. I believe that no one should miss the chance to capture this unique moment just because the partner refused to go along. The moment belongs to the pregnant woman. Of course everyone is sharing it, but she's the star of it!

Posted on Instagram @ibiza.hypno on March 2, 2024.

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