Breastfeeding Moment:

An Empowering Initiative

2nd May 2024 | by Natalia Ferro - Journalist

Breastfeeding is a personal choice. It's a journey filled with joys and many challenges, often proving to be more complex than expected. After Barbara, our photographer, faced her own struggles while breastfeeding her firstborn son, she recognized how overwhelming this experience can be for most women and got inspired to launch the "Breastfeeding Moment Project", in August 2023.

     Despite the common perception that breastfeeding should come naturally, many women find themselves facing unexpected difficulties and uncertainties. The truth is, breastfeeding demands dedication, patience, resilience, and a deep understanding of both mother's and baby's needs. The initial challenges, from latching issues to supply concerns, can often leave mothers feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

“My breastfeeding journey wasn't easy at first, but with amazing support, it turned into the experience I had hoped for. After a year and 7 months of breastfeeding, I am still learning and amazed at how wonderful it is for both baby and mother. I knew I had to do something to empower other women. I would like for them to have the knowledge to make assertive decisions, feel supported along the way and be inspired to choose breastfeeding,” says Barbara.

With this idea in mind, Barbara invited Marcela Rios— a professional doula who has been guiding mothers with practical advice, emotional support, and reassurance—to join her in encouraging other mothers to embrace their experiences and validate their feelings.

     The initiative aims to celebrate, support and empower mothers by providing information, sharing experiences and capturing stunning photos of the unique bond between mother and baby. The Breastfeeding Moment Project is currently featured on instagram @barbaracrepaldiphoto. With four chapters already published, you can find information & beautiful photos, but not just that! By sharing your own experiences you are eligible for a draw every two months with a free Breastfeeding Photoshoot prize (*Dubai residents).

     Each breastfeeding photo session with Barbara captures the resilience, dedication and love that mothers pour into their breastfeeding journey. Through her lens, she encapsulates emotions and tender moments of the unbreakable bond between mother and child, creating lasting memories that mothers can feel proud of forever.

"It's very special to see positive feedbacks from the participants. Mothers writing to me and expressing about the empowerment they've gained through our project just made it more realistic that with the right support, every mother can overcome the challenges of breastfeeding".

As the project continues to evolve, more and more mothers around the world can know that they are not alone on this special journey.

Stay tuned for the next chapters!