The first testimonial comes from Marcela Rios, a friend and supporter of Barbara in this Breastfeeding project. Marcela shares her thoughts and experiences with an open heart. Maybe you'll discover similarities in your own journey too?

Marcela ❥ Samuel

It is curious how when we think we know how to deal with something, life comes and shows us things are not that simple, that there’s still a lot to learn and most importantly, that we do not control most of things. And that is how my breastfeeding experiences went.

When my first baby was born, I felt like he had come to teach me how to breastfeed. He latched and fed properly right after birth, without any assistance, and he kept feeding for almost 4 years, although we faced a breast yeast infection and nipple confusion.

My second baby cried for minutes after being born, and only then he fed with my help, still within one hour of birth. During the following weeks he fed in a way my nipples felt burning, even if I corrected his latch all the time. Besides, there was something making breastfeeding a little more challenging, something known as infant dyschezia or the grunting baby syndrome (when babies have difficulties passing soft stools because of the inability to coordinate pelvic floor muscles relaxation and increase abdominal pressure, in a way they strain for long minutes, leading to crying most of times, which made me think if I should change my diet, but no, mom’s diet has nothing to do with infant dyschezia). 

Despite the obstacles, my breastfeeding experiences are a lot different from the ones of most women: I had only a few challenges, a lot of support, and a hand full of luckiness, I would say. But there is something that bothers me, and I believe it bothers lots of women as well: the comments regarding baby’s appearance. If baby is skinny, “oh I suppose your milk is not being enough, right?”, and if baby is chubby, “don’t you think you’re feeding him too much?”. It seems baby’s biotype is not taken into consideration and instead, breastfeeding is put on check, blaming mom’s milk. Thankfully, I’ve educated myself and have been able to follow my baby’s cues regarding breastfeeding and not people’s remarks. 

Hoping to have a light experience with my second baby, with moments of connection that can comfort both of us and that it lasts for as long as it is still good for my baby and I.

Writen by Marcela Rios | Doula, childbirth educator and breastfeeding counselor

Posted on Instagram @barbaracrepaldiphoto on August 3, 2023.

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