To conclude Chapter #1, we'll discuss the vital role of attachment in a child's development and how breastfeeding can facilitate this process.


During his or her development, a child’s first relationship to another person is set towards their primary carers and, at an early age, the development of “attachment” starts. That relationship, according to Bowlby, will influence the shaping of his or her personality, cognition and how they face life’s challenges. Attachement is a biological need – babies need to be deeply connected to another human being to guarantee their protection and the desire for their life. It is the “vital space of a child’s growth” and, therefore, it must deliver safety and protection so that all the aspects of their development may have space to build up. A good development of that relationship results in what is called “secure attachment”.

How does “secure attachement” builds up?

Pay attention to your child, be responsive and consistente, show acceptance and validation, comfort your child – these are the basic rules for the development of the secure attachment. Breastfeeding, as a natural way, may bridge the occurence of these parental behaviors. Through breastfeeding, a mother can easily deliver attention and build a very special space for the exchange of affection with the baby, helping the building up of secure attachment.

Written by Grazielle Noro | Psychologist, neuropsychologist and researcher on Human Development and Neuroscience

Posted on Instagram @barbaracrepaldiphoto on August 7, 2023.