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15th February 2024 | by Natalia Ferro - Journalist

The goal of this blog is to bring light, informative, and interesting content about the fascinating world of photography, covering a multitude of elements. From Barbara's work and projects to general tips, suggestions makeup, clothes, curiosities, and much more. We'll explore it all!

To kick things off, we will start with a Q&A session offering a glimpse into Barbara's world, showcasing her passion and dedication:

How old are you Barbara? 

I'm 38 years old. 

How many and which countries have you lived in? 

I've lived in Brazil, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. 

How long have you been a resident in Dubai? 

I've been in Dubai since 2015, now in February 2024 it's been nearly eight and a half years.

How many languages are you fluent in?

I speak English and Portuguese. Although I understand a bit of Italian and Spanish, I don't speak them fluently, but I can give it a try!

What's the secret to make your clients to feel comfortable while being photographed?

I would say not to overthink the presence of the camera and simply enjoy the moment. Relax, don't worry if the photo will be perfect because the photographer will know how to choose and capture the best angle to make everything beautiful. If you're alone, savor the moment, let yourself go; and if you're with someone, try to share and enjoy that moment together, as if you were in an unnoticed instant.

Do you prefer digital or printed photos?

I prefer printed photos because I believe they look more beautiful on paper and have a magical touch. However, I highly value the fact that digital photos allow us to capture a large quantity of moments that would be challenging to record and appreciate if they were printed.

What is your favorite camera to work with?

My camera is the Nikon Z6-II, and I love it. It's a mirrorless, as we call it, and it has very good quality. I've been using Nikon since college (2004), so I'm used to it and like using Nikon, although I have no issues with other brands.

Why did you choose to dedicate your work to maternity photography?

I've been photographing pregnant women for many years, even though it wasn't the exclusive focus of my work. Over time, I've had more opportunities to capture these moments, and I've come to realize that I truly enjoy it. I've observed that many pregnant women face insecurities and don't always feel beautiful with the changes in their bodies. On the other hand, I see their beauty, recognizing that it's a special phase in a woman's life.

The idea of specializing in maternity photography emerged after I became pregnant. Going through the entire process allowed me to understand more than ever how my clients felt. Following my maternity leave, I gradually returned to work and decided to dedicate this time to pregnant women. I can say it was a very happy choice, where I can daily emphasize how beautiful my clients are in this unique moment!

What do you consider as your unique aspect in photography?

I would say my unique aspect it's about focusing on bringing photos with natural results, a clean and minimalist style, with my perspective on the scene and colors. I aim to highlight the beauty of women exactly as they are. I also emphasize creating a comfortable, warm, and intimate environment.

What can futures clients expect from a photo session with Barbara Crepaldi?

They can expect a moment with joy and comfort. For me, the process begins right there, during the photo session focusing on what they are experiencing. We'll capture some poses, play with movements, and the result of the photos will reflect all the feelings. My commitment is to always give my best, ensuring that each client feels great and happy after we finish the photoshoot.

Now that you know more about Barbara, you can expect the content here to be a mix of informative and interesting topics. 

Stay tuned for futures posts!